How to Cook Yummy Quick No Garlic Fried Rice

Quick No Garlic Fried Rice. Butter garlic fried rice recipe with quick video, step by step detailed pictures. Just basic garlic fried rice recipe with few ingredients in your pantry. I am not one who explore much when it comes to other cuisines.

Quick No Garlic Fried Rice With a salad and meat, seafood, or. Fried rice is a typical end-of-the-week meal for us since it's such a good way to clean out the fridge of the week's leftover vegetables, usually broccoli, celery and It occurred to me while writing this post that this rice dish qualifies for the Quick and Easy series I considered starting at the beginning of year. Bite by bite, this Garlic Fried Rice will disappear right before your eyes! You can have Quick No Garlic Fried Rice using 14 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Quick No Garlic Fried Rice

  1. You need of cold steamed rice from the fridge.
  2. It’s of (It's better to use leftover rice from last night).
  3. Prepare of cooking oil.
  4. Prepare of egg, make into scrambled egg.
  5. Prepare of sausage, sliced.
  6. It’s of chopped scallions or celery.
  7. You need of chicken or mushroom powder.
  8. It’s of sesame oil.
  9. You need of Sugar, salt and pepper (to taste).
  10. You need of Sauce.
  11. You need of sweet soy sauce.
  12. You need of tomato ketchup.
  13. Prepare of oyster sauce.
  14. You need of fish sauce or light soy sauce.

A quick one pot meal to put together – making the best use of leftover rice Well, this Garlic Fried Rice can induce that wonderful comatose feeling – because you just can't stop at one mouthful. Two things will happen as you finish. This is a quick and easy way to prepare fried rice. Add the minced garlic and lemon juice to the melted butter and stir to combine.

Quick No Garlic Fried Rice instructions

  1. Mix the sauce in a cup, set aside. The sauce can also be made ahead and stored in the fridge..
  2. Heat the oil in a non-stick frying pan. Add the sausage and scrambled egg. Stir for a while..
  3. Pour the sauce mix. Add the rice. Stir on high heat for about a minute or two. Add sesame oil..
  4. Turn the heat off. Add chopped scallions or celery, chicken or mushroom seasoning, sugar, salt and pepper to taste. Stir and serve hot..

Set aside to allow the flavors to mingle. This dish comes together so fast that EVERYTHING needs to be chopped, measured, and ready to. Quick stir-fry can prevent the rice from getting burned. The chef will achieve it by tossing the wok quickly, but flipping Chinese sausage fried rice 臘腸炒飯 is an ideal dish for a quick meal. This dish is also a welcome respite from the elaborate cuisine and binge eating during the Chinese New Year.

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