Recipe: Perfect Papaya Champuru (Okinawan Stir-Fry Dish)

Papaya Champuru (Okinawan Stir-Fry Dish). Easy to make and delicious, Goya Champuru is Okinawa's most iconic dish. Even if you've never liked bitter melon, try this out. Okinawan dietary habits have received a lot of attention lately.

Papaya Champuru (Okinawan Stir-Fry Dish) Okinawan cuisine, also known as Ryukyuan cuisine (a reference to the Stir-fried vegetables with fu (wheat gluten), a very healthy food rich in vegetable protein and often used in Asian food. Champuru means "to mix together", and. Recipe: Goya Chanpuru (Champuru): Okinawan Stir Fry With Bitter Gourd, Tofu, Pork and Egg. You can have Papaya Champuru (Okinawan Stir-Fry Dish) using 8 ingredients and 13 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Papaya Champuru (Okinawan Stir-Fry Dish)

  1. Prepare 1/2 of Papaya (small).
  2. You need 1/4 of Carrot.
  3. It’s 1 of Green peppers (small).
  4. You need 1/3 bunch of Chinese chives.
  5. It’s 50 grams of Spam.
  6. It’s 1 tsp of Bonito-based dashi stock granules.
  7. You need 1 tsp of Salt-reduced soy sauce.
  8. You need 20 grams of Lard.

This is really classical Okinawan home cooking, so there are probably as many variations as there are households in Okinawa. This is a very simple version. Champuru means "stir fry" in the Okinawan language and refers to a dish which was prepared by stir frying various ingredients. Although they share the name with soba noodle dishes found on the Japanese mainland, Okinawa Soba are a completely different dish.

Papaya Champuru (Okinawan Stir-Fry Dish) instructions

  1. .
  2. Cut the papaya in half, remove the seeds and peel the skin..
  3. Cut the papaya into thin strips..
  4. Julienne the carrots..
  5. Julienne the green pepper..
  6. Cut the Chinese chives to the same length as the other vegetables..
  7. Cut the Spam into matchsticks..
  8. Melt the lard into a skillet or a wok, and stir-fry the green pepper and carrot over high heat..
  9. Once the green pepper and carrots slightly wilt, add the papaya and continue to cook..
  10. Once the ingredients are cooked through, add the Spam and stir-fry..
  11. Once the Spam is lightly browned, add the Chinese chives..
  12. Once the Chinese chives are tender, add the bonito-based dashi stock granules and soy sauce, cook them briefly until fragrant and it is done!.
  13. Transfer to a plate and enjoy!!.

Goya Champuru is an Okinawan dish. The dish is a literal translation of the name: Goya = bitter melon Champuru = means "something mixed," aka stir fry. More specifically, it's a bitter melon stir fry with pork, tofu, and eggs. You can replace the pork with other meats like chicken or Spam (a very. Okinawa's most iconic Goya Champuru is a stir fry dish with bitter melon, tofu, egg, and pork belly.

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