Resep: Cara Termudah Memasak Lezat Achar Beef (Indian food)

Achar Beef (Indian food). chapli kabab recipe restaurant style–beef chapli kabab recipe-chapli kabab recipe in pakistan. Hi i am here to help people who love Pakistani & Indian food recipes. Achar gosht Recipe by Food Fusion (Eid Recipe).

Achar Beef (Indian food) Now add the fried beef pieces along with oil into the pan. Add in the crushed peppercorns and stir till it is thick or dry as you like it. Beef Ularthiyathu, a perfect beef fry. You can have Achar Beef (Indian food) using 18 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Achar Beef (Indian food)

  1. Prepare 1 of Bahan bumbu.
  2. You need 1 kg of beef.
  3. It’s of Cumin seed.
  4. Prepare of Salt.
  5. It’s of Coriander powder.
  6. It’s of Anisseed.
  7. It’s of Methi seed powde.
  8. Prepare of Nigella seed/ black cumin.
  9. Prepare of Turmeric powder.
  10. Prepare of Carom seed.
  11. You need of Mustard seed.
  12. It’s of Fenugreek leaves.
  13. It’s of Yogurt.
  14. It’s of Red chilli powder.
  15. You need of Bumbu 2 atau halus :.
  16. Prepare potong dadu of Tomat.
  17. You need of Lalu goreng sampai halus seperti pasta tomat.
  18. It’s secukupnya of Cabe hijau utuh.

This beef pickle recipe is adapted from my mom. Achar/pickle has been a very important dish in most of ours meal time. Me and my husband want any of pickle for our meal even if there are other dishes too. For us, beef dishes are such an important part of our food.

Achar Beef (Indian food) instructions

  1. Campur kan semua bahan 1 lalu aduk sampai rata dan diamkan selama 1 jam.
  2. Kemudian panaskan minyak secukupnya, lalu masukkan daging yg sudah didiamkan masak hingga air daging nya sedikit kering dengan api sedang hingga daging empuk..
  3. Lalu setelah daging empuk, masukkan bumbu 2 (tomat yg sudah di goreng dan lembut seperti pasta) dan cabe hijau utuh..
  4. Kemudian masukkan secukupnya garam, masako, dan sedikit gula lalu test rasa..
  5. Terakhir masak hingga kering atau sesuai selera… selamat mencoba 😊.

See more ideas about indian food recipes, recipes, cooking. Achar Gosht Lamb tenderly cooked in a deliciously mouth-watering, pickle spice curry. Easy to Cook, Hard to Resist. Beef is rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals. MiaasKitchen Beef Achar / Kerala Beef Pickle Recipe.

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