Verizon Business Selected To Transform Astellas Pharma's Global Network Infrastructure

Verizon Business to transform Astellas' network infrastructure
Verizon Business to transform Astellas' network infrastructure from


In a significant development for the pharmaceutical industry, Verizon Business has been chosen by Astellas Pharma to revolutionize its global network infrastructure. This partnership aims to enhance Astellas Pharma’s communication and connectivity capabilities while ensuring a secure and efficient network environment.


Astellas Pharma is a leading global pharmaceutical company dedicated to improving the health of people worldwide. With a strong focus on innovation and research, Astellas Pharma provides a wide range of pharmaceutical products to address various medical needs.

The Partnership

Verizon Business, a renowned provider of advanced communication and technology solutions, has been selected by Astellas Pharma to embark on a comprehensive transformation of its global network infrastructure. This collaboration aims to optimize Astellas Pharma’s network performance, security, and agility to support its growing business operations.

Key Objectives

The partnership between Astellas Pharma and Verizon Business has set several key objectives to achieve:

  1. Enhance network reliability and minimize downtime to ensure seamless operations.
  2. Improve network security to protect sensitive data and intellectual property.
  3. Optimize network performance to support the increasing demand for data transmission.
  4. Enable seamless communication and collaboration between Astellas Pharma’s global offices.

The Transformation Process

The transformation process will involve upgrading and modernizing Astellas Pharma’s network infrastructure across its global locations. This will include implementing the latest technologies and solutions provided by Verizon Business to enhance network capabilities.

Infrastructure Upgrades

Astellas Pharma’s network infrastructure will undergo a series of upgrades, including:

  • Installation of high-speed internet connections to ensure faster and more reliable connectivity.
  • Implementation of advanced security measures, such as firewalls and intrusion detection systems, to safeguard against cyber threats.
  • Integration of unified communication systems to streamline internal and external communication.
  • Deployment of cloud-based solutions to enhance scalability and flexibility.


The transformation of Astellas Pharma’s global network infrastructure is expected to bring several benefits:

Improved Connectivity

By upgrading network infrastructure, Astellas Pharma will experience faster and more reliable connectivity, enabling seamless communication and data transfer between global offices.

Enhanced Security

The implementation of advanced security measures will ensure better protection of sensitive data, intellectual property, and confidential information against potential cyber threats.

Increased Efficiency

Astellas Pharma’s optimized network infrastructure will result in improved operational efficiency, allowing for faster data transmission and enhanced collaboration among employees and teams.

Scalability and Flexibility

The deployment of cloud-based solutions will provide Astellas Pharma with the ability to scale its network infrastructure based on evolving business needs, ensuring flexibility and adaptability.


The collaboration between Astellas Pharma and Verizon Business represents a significant step towards transforming the global network infrastructure of the pharmaceutical industry. By leveraging Verizon Business’ expertise and solutions, Astellas Pharma aims to enhance its communication capabilities, strengthen network security, and improve overall operational efficiency.