Verizon Corporate Owned Stores

New Verizon store opens in West City
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Verizon Corporate Owned Stores


Verizon is one of the leading telecommunications companies in the United States. With millions of customers, they offer a wide range of services including wireless, internet, and TV. To serve their customers better, Verizon operates a network of corporate-owned stores across the country.

What are Verizon Corporate Owned Stores?

Verizon corporate-owned stores are physical retail locations owned and operated directly by Verizon. These stores serve as the primary point of contact for customers who want to purchase new devices, upgrade their plans, or seek assistance with their existing services.

Benefits of Verizon Corporate Owned Stores

1. Knowledgeable Staff

Verizon corporate stores have well-trained staff who can provide expert advice and guidance to customers. Whether you have questions about the latest smartphones or need help troubleshooting a technical issue, the staff at these stores can assist you.

2. Wide Range of Products and Services

Verizon corporate stores offer a wide selection of devices, accessories, and service plans. Whether you’re looking for the latest iPhone, a durable Android device, or a reliable home internet plan, you can find it all at these stores.

3. Hands-On Experience

One of the major advantages of visiting a Verizon corporate store is the opportunity to try out different devices and services before making a purchase. You can test the features, explore the interface, and compare options to make an informed decision.

4. Customer Support

If you encounter any issues with your Verizon services, the staff at corporate stores can provide immediate support. They can help with device setups, troubleshoot connectivity problems, and assist with billing or account-related queries.

Locating a Verizon Corporate Store

Verizon operates numerous corporate-owned stores across the country. To find a store near you, you can visit Verizon’s official website or use their mobile app. Simply enter your location, and you’ll be provided with a list of nearby stores along with their addresses and contact information.


Verizon corporate-owned stores are an essential part of the company’s customer service and sales network. With knowledgeable staff, a wide range of products and services, and convenient locations, these stores make it easier for customers to get the support they need and explore the latest technology offered by Verizon.