Resep: Cara Memasak Lezat Beef Murghi (indian food)

Beef Murghi (indian food). Murghi roti is a South Indian style dish made with cooked rice, cooked chicken and lots of spices. This another of my variations on this dish but using cooked strips of beef. It is not the least bit authentic as the cow is sacred and forbidden as food in the Hindu religion of India.

Beef Murghi (indian food) Succulent meat and aromatic spices combine to create the ultimate curry full of flavor and deliciousness. Bring on the cooler weather with a comforting bowl of this curry served with fragrant rice. The slight chill in the air also divert my attention to comfort foods that can warm you inside out. You can have Beef Murghi (indian food) using 22 ingredients and 2 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Beef Murghi (indian food)

  1. It’s of Bumbu bubuk :.
  2. It’s of Cabai merah.
  3. It’s of Ketumbar.
  4. You need Biji of jintan.
  5. You need of Kapulaga.
  6. Prepare of Kunyit.
  7. It’s of Kayu manis.
  8. Prepare of Cengkeh.
  9. Prepare of Pala.
  10. Prepare Bunga of pala.
  11. It’s of Bumbu tambahan :.
  12. Prepare of Daging sapi /bisa pakai ayam.
  13. You need of Yogurt plain.
  14. It’s iris of Bawang bombay.
  15. You need of Kentang pot.dadu.
  16. Prepare of Daun mint.
  17. Prepare of Daun ketumbar.
  18. Prepare of Jahe halus.
  19. Prepare of Bawang putih halus.
  20. It’s of Garam.
  21. It’s of Gula.
  22. It’s secukupnya of Oil / ghee / butter.

I eat Indian food out quite often but never made it at home. It really was easy and the spices were just right. I found red bell pepper so used that instead of green. All Reviews for Kadhai Murghi (Wok-Seared Chicken & Vegetables ).

Beef Murghi (indian food) step by step

  1. Cuci bersih daging lalu tiriskan. Kemudian siapkan panci lalu masukkan ghee lalu masukkan irisan bawang bombay lalu oseng2 hingga bawang kecoklatan. Lalu masukkan bawang putih dan jahe halus aduk2 hingga rata kemudian masukkan daging nya oseng2 lalu tutup sebentar sampai air dari daging nya susut..
  2. Kemudian masukkan bumbu bubuknya aduk2 lalu tambahkan yogurt aduk2 hingga rata dan masak hingga daging nya empuk, setelah itu tambahkan secukupnya air dan masukkan kentangnya lalu tambahkan garam, masako dan sedikit gula. Terakhir masukkan daun mint dan daun ketumbar. Beef Murghi Masala siap disajikan dengan roti paratha. Selamat mencoba 😊.

There's a lot more to Indian recipes than curry. Learn to make your own chaat, channa masala, and Ultimate Chicken Curry (Tamatar Murghi) from 'Indian Cooking Unfolded'. Chaat-Spiced Chex Mix Potato Chops (Meat-Stuffed Indian Potato Pancakes) Recipe. Read quick and easy restaurant styles Indian Foods Recipes online I cooked this last Saturday (Murghi Pulao) and love the taste. I try many recipes and found this recipes is quit easy.

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