Recipe: Delicious Spam Musubi

Spam Musubi. Spam musubi is a popular snack and lunch food composed of a slice of grilled Spam sandwiched either in between or on top of a block of rice. SPAM® Musubi is a sushilicious treat featuring SPAM® Classic, white rice, and nori. This Hawaiian take on surf and turf is sure to be a hit at your next luau!

Spam Musubi Just in case you have never heard of "Spam Musubi". Spam is canned ham, and Musubi means rice balls in Japanese. It is a type of rice ball very popular in Hawaii. You can cook Spam Musubi using 7 ingredients and 10 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Spam Musubi

  1. It’s of Spam.
  2. Prepare of cooked rice (sushi rice or short grain rice).
  3. You need of Nori seaweed.
  4. Prepare of soy sauce.
  5. Prepare of granulated white sugar.
  6. It’s of jalapeno with seeds cut circular (optional).
  7. It’s of Sriracha.

Spam Musubi is a very popular Hawaiian snack that is just like sushi. Marinated sliced luncheon meat is quickly pan seared then placed on top of rice and wrapped in nori (dried seaweed.) Hawaiian spam musubi is the best! Ingredients are steamed white rice, musubi sauce, Spam and toasted seaweed. Musubi is easy to make at home and perfect as a snack. "The Spam musubi is a ridiculously simple creation, composed of four ingredients, yet its extremely Of all the foods people associate with Hawaii, Spam musubi seems to be most popular, with echoes.

Spam Musubi step by step

  1. Cook rice until done. I cook mine in a rice cooker..
  2. Flip spam to its side and cut the spam in 8 equal parts.
  3. Pan fry spam on both sides until slightly golden brown and remove..
  4. Add soy sauce and sugar to small bowl and mix it up. Add it to the pan until the sugar is all dissolved..
  5. Add back the spam slices and continue to cook until sauce caramelizes while constantly turning the spam to coat all sides.
  6. Cut Nori sheets in half.
  7. Now I like to be a little fancy and I cut up a jalapeno and add that to the top..
  8. Form a tightly-packed rectangular rice patty and put on edge of nori sheet. Add Spam then jalapenos and then a drizzle of Sriracha..
  9. Roll the Musubi tight and seal at the edge with rice. It acts as a glue, so it will stay rolled..
  10. Now eat and ENJOY!.

This popular Hawaiian snack is perfect for any occasion. This, my friends, is Spam musubi, Hawaii's all-occasion, all-season snack. In Hawaii, where my dad grew up and much of my extended family still lives, Spam musubi is everywhere. Spam musubi is literally everywhere in Hawaii, including local convenience stores, grocery stores, school cafeterias, and even at the zoo. Eating a Spam musubi seems to serve as a rite of passage.

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