Recipe: Yummy Papa's Cherry and Mango Crumble

Papa's Cherry and Mango Crumble. A twist on the normal crumble recipe- try this PEACH-MANGO-APPLE CRUMBLEDelicious and easy to make , fruity with an irresistible crumb, this is wonderful. Serve Cherry Mango Crumble after dinner with a dollop of all natural light whipped cream if desired or even as a healthy carbohydrate choice for breakfast. I cultivate a relationship of deep trust and mutual appreciation with the Fruit Crumble Family.

Papa's Cherry and Mango Crumble Sweet and tart crumble dessert with the unique addition of mango. Always a big hit w/ the kids!! Core, peel and slice the apples and mango. You can cook Papa's Cherry and Mango Crumble using 7 ingredients and 10 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Papa's Cherry and Mango Crumble

  1. Prepare 4 of Mangos.
  2. Prepare 5 of Cherries.
  3. You need 324 grams of flour.
  4. You need 1 tub of butter.
  5. Prepare of Olive Oil.
  6. Prepare of Sugar.
  7. It’s of Sweetened or Normal Oats.

Mango Cobbler with Cardamom is the perfect easy dessert recipe. Delicious mangoes are topped with a yummy, crisp oat topping that's absolutely irresistible. It's got sweet and delicious mangos that concentrate as they cook away in the cast iron skillet, a crumbly cobbler topping that's made extra. תמונה : Cherry and Mango Crumble. מתוך חוות הדעת : Sooo Relaxing. Here's a tropical spin on a traditional fruit crumble, with pineapple and mango as the base and shaved coconut sprinkled over the standard buttery topping.

Papa's Cherry and Mango Crumble instructions

  1. Mix 155 grams of flour with half the tub of butter together until you get a paste..
  2. Transfer that to a baking tray and move to a oven at 300c for 20-25 mins. That's your top layer complete!.
  3. Secondly add the rest of your flour and butter to a mixing bowl and stir well..
  4. Carefully slice your Mangos and cherries in half. Then quarter your mangos!.
  5. Carefully transfer your cooked Crumble top layer to a cooling rack to cool! Make sure to transfer the bottom layer to the oven!.
  6. Once your bottom layer is out of the over give it 5-10 mins to cool completely..
  7. While your waiting add some oil to a pan at 150c and once hot, transfer your mangos and cherries to the hot pan and leave for 5-7 mins to completely fry..
  8. Once your bottom layer has cooled add your fryed mangos and cherries on top of the bottom layer. Then carefully lift your top layer on top of the fruit and transfer to an oven for 15-20 mins to completely cook!.
  9. And then your done. Cinnamon and sugar is of course optional! We hope you enjoy our pudding!.
  10. Add your oats on top and your pudding is ready to eat!.

Halve mangoes lengthwise, angling the knife slightly to cut around the pit. Rub through the chopped butter until it resembles crumbs. Mix in flaked almonds and set aside. Pour into a baking dish and spread the crumble mix evenly over. The perfect dessert for all who love mangoes. (And if you don't, you can substitute berries — blueberries, raspberries, strawberries—for some of the mango).

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